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Is the most simple question possible is, what is forex? Forex is the largest market in the world, and what does that mean? How big do you have to be to be the largest market in the world? Well, on an average trading day, the forex market trades five trillion with a t dollars. That is a significant movement for one trading day, five trillion dollars.

So that’s why the forex market is the largest in the world now. Another thing you need to realize about the forex market, and the second thing we’re going to go over, is that in the forex market, what you’re trading is called a currency pair.

What Is Currency Pair?

Things to Know About Trading On Forex.Com

A currency pair is nothing more than the exchange rate between two currency currencies. We’ve all had to exchange money before. If you’ve travelled, at least maybe you haven’t, but if you’ve travelled outside of the country you live in, you’ve probably exchanged money for another currency, for instance, if you live in the united states.

If you take a trip to Europe, you will likely exchange some of your us dollars for European dollars, and that exchange rate is what you’ll get back. For instance, right now, the euro-dollar exchange rate is 1.0878. So that means that if you were to go to Europe right now. You wanted to get one euro. Then you would have to give them 1.0878 to get that one euro because right now, one euro is worth 1.0878 dollars. Now, the way we make money in the forex market,

The Exchange Rate Between Two Different Currencies

we’re trading based on the exchange rate between two foreign currencies, and the way you make money is when this exchange rate rises and falls. So these exchange rates fluctuate depending on the strength and valuation of each of these currencies, the euro and the dollar, so if the euro rises in value, it will take more dollars for you to get one euro. The same thing if the dollar, so let’s say that euro goes up in value.

If the euro goes up, you’ll need more than 1.0878 dollars to get one euro. If the dollar goes down in value, it’s the same thing. The opposite is true. If the opposite happens if the euro drops, you’ll need fewer dollars to get one euro, and if the dollar rises in value, you’ll need fewer dollars to get one euro.

Conclusion About Trading On Forex.Com

Is it a brilliant idea to trade forex? Forex trading may make you wealthy if you are a hedge fund with prominent means or an excellent currency trader. However, rather than being an easy route to riches for the typical retail trader, FX trading may be a rough road to massive losses and potential penury.

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