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What are a Cables

Cables Write For UsIn electrical and electronic systems, a cable is a conductor or group of conductors used to transmit electrical energy or telecommunications signals from one place to another. Electrical communication cables carry voice messages, computer data, and visual images thru electrical signals near telephones, wired radios, computers, teleprinters, fax machines, and televisions. There is no clear distinction between an electrical wire and an electrical cable. The former generally refers to a single solid metallic conductor through or without insulation, while the latter refers to a stranded conductor or a set of insulated conductors. With optical waveguides made of flexible glass and plastic fibers, electrical signals are converted into pulses of light to transmit audio, video, and computer data.

power cord

The most common type of power cable is the one that hangs overhead between steel poles or towers. These overhead cables consist of a series of wires. Usually, copper or aluminum is twisted (stranded) together in concentric layers. Copper or aluminum is chosen for its high electrical conductivity, while braiding adds flexibility to the cable. Because overhead cables are often subjected to environmental solid stresses, copper or aluminum alloys are sometimes used to increase the mechanical strength of the cable, although this is achieved at the expense of its electrical conductivity.

A more common construction is to enclose a series of high-tensile, non-corrosive steel wires in the stranded cable assembly. Many antenna cables, especially those running high voltages, are bare (not insulated). Cables operating at lower voltages often have covers of asphalt-impregnated braided cotton, polyethylene, or other dielectrics (non-conductive) material. These covers provide some protection against short circuits and accidental electrical shock.

Another type of power cable is installed in underground conduits and is widely used in cities where lack of space or safety considerations preclude the use of overhead lines. However, unlike overhead cable, buried cable invariably usages commercially pure copper or aluminum (mechanical strength is not an issue underground), and the stranded conductor is often coiled to maximize its compactness and electrical conductivity.

Overhead and underground cables form a large part of the circuit, from the generator to electrical energy. However, matching the circuit (and sometimes the entire circuit) may require special wiring. Illustrative of these uses and the specific conditions they must meet are cables for use in trendy steel mills and boiler rooms (high temperature), mobile equipment (excessive flexing and vibration), chemical plants (corrosion), submarines and mines (mechanical abuse), near nuclear reactors (high radiation) and on artificial satellites (extreme pressure).

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