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Careers in Corporate Communications

Careers in Corporate Communications

Careers in Corporate Communications

A career in corporate communication is gratifying and exciting. Whether you are skilled in researching, writing, public relation, or social media, communication offers an enormous range of career opportunities.

Corporate communications maintain a company’s favourable reputation, and raising awareness of its brand are two vital objectives of this communication. There are two possible career paths in corporate communications.

Depending on your particular area of skill or interest, here are 12 opportunities for you to consider to select a career for yourself in corporate communication.

Careers in Corporate Communications

1.  Journalist

Journalism is not a typical desk job. A journalist is associated with writing, investigating, researching, interviewing, and publishing newsworthy content for the organisation.

They must follow the news, stay updated on current affairs, and be vigilant for interviews, research, and investigation opportunities. A journalist’s annual income ranges from £24,000 to £45,000 in the UK, depending on their level of expertise.

2. Human Resources

The human resources department is responsible for internal communication within the organisation. It is associated with screening, interviewing, recruiting, and terminating employees. It forms guidelines for the working mechanism in a corporation, establishes hierarchies, and administers employee-benefit programs.

The average entry-level salary in the human resource department in the UK starts from £27,000 per year, and most skilled professionals can make up to £57,000 per year.

3. Social Media Manager

Social media managers represent a company across a social media platform. They market an organisation’s product on various platforms, create content to study analytics, and develop marketing strategies. They act as an interactive medium between the people and the organisation on social media platforms. The average salary of a social media manager in the UK is £26,000 to £53,000 per year.

4. Communications Consultant

A communication consultant works as an advisor for strategic communication and marketing solutions. Depending on their area of focus, they produce media releases for internal and external audiences. They create communication policies and other facets of a business’s public image.

An organisation hires communication consultants to achieve its short- and long-term communication goals. The average salary of a communication consultant in the UK is £85,000.

5. Communication Officer

A communication officer oversees the communication efforts of an organisation. They do everything from press releases to developing blog posts, including public relations and marketing.

Their job is to communicate with media personnel to address company news and perform market research for implementing communication policies. The average salary of a communication officer in the UK is £26,000 to £33,000 per year.

6. Copywriter

A copywriter produces content for ads and marketing. They write content with targeted information and tactics formulated by the organisation.

The content created by copywriters appears in social media and marketing campaigns, advertisements, and publications. The average salary of a copywriter in the UK ranges from £30,000 to £43,000.

7. Director of Public Relations

The public relations director sets objectives for the PR team and monitors the team’s performance. They develop and maintain relationships with media and influential platforms, arrange interviews and press releases to promote the company and its products and track and influence media coverage to maintain a positive image.

The average salary of the director of public relations can be up to £34,500 per year in the UK, where most skilled professionals can earn up to £51,000 per year.

8. Digital Strategist

Digital strategists analyse data about the user experience to increase client engagement. They concentrate on producing and managing digital content to increase brand awareness and study the target market.

They create plans to improve social media marketing and control the continuation and adjustment of ongoing digital tactics. The average salary of a digital strategist in the UK is £35,000 to £75,000 per year.

9. Research Analyst

Research analysts are known as data crunchers. They study the data to improve efficiency, profitability, and savings for the company, analyse the target market and suggest strategies.

They study how the productivity of an organisation has effected through the strategies by comparing data. The average salary of a research analyst in the UK is £38,000 to £48,000 per year.

10. Political Analysts

Political analysts study political systems, research different political matters, including foreign relations and policies, and analyse data to predict political trends. They study public opinions and election results and use statistical analysis to interpret research findings.

They consult with government officials, political candidates, and media agencies to provide consultancy through their analysis. The average salary of a research analyst in the UK is £34,000 to £48,000 per year.

11. SEO Manager

The search engine operation manager focuses on developing strategies to achieve a top search engine position. It focuses on trends and analyses the visitors and users of a platform to match their search requirements to make the presence of its organisation prominent.

The SEO manager engages with the target audience to create engaging content. The average salary of an SEO manager in the UK is £32,000 to £52,000 per year.

12. Marketing Director

A marketing director is associated with a campaign’s production and implication to market a product on various platforms. They provide direction, leadership, and guidance to the marketing department.

A marketing director studies the analytics and data to summarise the market’s needs and align their product accordingly to attract the audience. The average salary of a marketing director in the UK is £62,000 to £158,000 per year.

13. Creative Director

Creative directors, as marketing directors, are focused on the advertisement and marketing of a product. Usually, creative directors are responsible for a campaign of a product’s marketing with a cohesive visual style approach. The average salary of a creative director in the UK is £59,000 to £202,000 per year.


Corporate communication unlocks exciting and rewarding careers for you to pursue, enabling you to enhance your skills, providing you with growth and learning opportunities, and keeping your work exciting and enjoyable.

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