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Cars Write For Us

Cars Write For Us

Cars are cars that can carry people. It is the primary means of travel for hundreds of millions of people around the world. Cars have probably changed the way we live more than any other invention in history. At first, few people owned cars, but after a while, more and more people bought them because they improved people’s way of life. Farmers with cars could take their produce further afield. The appearance of the towns and communities also changed. More and more workers commuted to work, and people began to move to the suburbs outside of the city centers.

Cars give people many jobs. Millions of people around the world work in factories that produce cars. Millions more work at gas stations, restaurants or motels where commuters stop.

But cars are also a problem. Millions of people die in car accidents every year. Cars pollute the air we breathe and city parking spaces are scarce because everyone wants to use their car to get to the center of cities.

Types of Cars

  • Coupé = a two-door car with a fixed roof and a smaller rear seat.
  • Convertible = a car with a fabric top that can be folded down so you can drive without it
  • station wagon or family = longer vehicles for large families; Most often they have an extended loading area
  • Limousine = common type of car with two rows of seats and four doors. The car has a separate trunk (trunk) for luggage.
  • Minivan = a larger car shaped like a pickup truck; It has up to 3 rows and can transfer 8 or 9 people.

Safety features

Today all cars have security features that protect passengers from accidents that can happen on the road. Seat belts are compulsory in almost all countries. Children and babies must be seated in special seats.

Since the mid-1990s almost all cars have been fitted with airbags. They are usually located on the steering wheel, and when a car crashes, they pop out and inflate, protecting passengers from hitting the windscreen. But there are other safety laws that automakers must follow. The doors must have special locks that are crash-proof, and the bumpers must be able to absorb some force when the car crashes.

The car of the future

Although today’s car is a great machine that is fast, elegant to look at, engineers are regularly working on a car that will make today’s car look old. Experts say the cars of the future will be made of plastics and carbon fibers, which will be stronger and lighter than steel.

As oil becomes more expensive, alternative sources of energy are being explored. Biodiesel, hydrogen fuel cells, + cars and hybrids are energy sources that automakers can use in the future.

Cars are becoming computer-controlled machines. One day they might drive themselves. Autobahns and other roads could be built so cars could be programmed to drive on autopilot while customers sit in the back and relax. Such cars could be guided by radar to avoid contact with other cars on the road.

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