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CPU Write For Us

What is a CPU, and where can you find it in a computer?

CPU is the abbreviation for Central Processing Unit. It is also referred to as a processor or microprocessor.

It is one of the essential pieces of hardware in any digital computer system, if not the most important.

Inside a CPU are thousands of microscopic transistors, tiny switches that switch the flow of electricity through integrated circuits.

What does a CPU do?

In short, a CPU is responsible for handling the processing of logical and mathematical operations and executing the instructions given to it.

It can perform millions of instructions per second but only one instruction simultaneously.

It first receives some input, usually from an input device (such as a monitor screen, keyboard, mouse, or microphone) or an application/system software program (such as your web browser or operating system).

The CPU then takes on four tasks:

Get instructions from memory to handle the input and the appropriate instructions for the particular input data received. Specifically, it looks up the address of the appropriate instruction and forwards the request to RAM. CPU and RAM work together all the time. Therefore, it is also known as reading from memory.

Decode or translate instructions into a form the CPU can understand, machine (binary) language.

Follow and execute the given instructions.

Save the execution result in memory for later recall when needed. It is also known as writing to memory.

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