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Firstly, Databricks announced it has closed a $1 billion funding round, taking the company’s post-money valuation to $28 billion, a spokesman told VentureBeat. At the end of January, Newcomer reported for the first time on the most significant round of financing for Databricks.

It equates to a G-Series funding round for the AI and also data analytics company. Similarly, the San Francisco-based $1 billion funding round was led by new investor Franklin Templeton, with participation from Amazon Web Services (AWS), the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, Fidelity Management & Research, and Salesforce Ventures. Likewise, Databricks CEO Ali Ghodsi told VentureBeat that part of the impetus behind the funding round was partnerships with cloud companies. Which he described as a symbiotic relationship of strategic importance to Databricks.

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“We believe that the vast majority of data in the cloud will reside in these data lakes. And also we’re building solutions to power more of that,” he said.

Firstly, the $1 billion in funding will be used in part to advance an M&A strategy focused on machine learning and data startups, a theme VentureBeat currently holds 10-20%. Your time each week. “I think a lot of cool stuff is going on, especially in natural language processing. There are many use cases in the company. For example, you have a lot of text data. Understanding that can be very helpful for them,” he said.

Although, Ghodsi lists the continued advances in machine learning and the democratization of data and AI tools for business people beyond computer scientists, vital ongoing trends that he hopes will shape the future of Databricks. “All these other companies will do the same thing: they will be able to use data and artificial intelligence strategically as Google has done for the last 10 years, or they will be replaced. So our job is to democratize that,” he said.


Previous funding rounds have been led by Andreessen Horowitz and New Enterprise Associates (NEA). Likewise, with contributions from investors including Microsoft and Battery Ventures. The last funding rounds of $250 million and $400 million, conducted in February and October 2019, respectively, focused on developing the Delta Lake unified analytics platform and optimizing performance using the open-source MLFlow platform for experiments. In addition, Machine learning and release models for production. In June 2020, Databricks acquired Redash, the visualization dashboard for data scientists, and gave control of MLflow to the Linux Foundation.

History of the databricks 1b 28bjohnsonventurebeat

databricks 1b 28bjohnsonventurebeat

Moreover, Databricks was founded in 2013 by the developers of Apache Spark. An open-source framework for distributed multi-machine computing used by many deep learning projects today. In addition, the data and machine learning researchers met for the first time at UC Berkeley.

Along with companies like and Snowflake, which filed for IPO in 2020. Although, Databricks remain the latest company focused on data analytics and AI to experience rapid growth. And that’s despite a decline in the U.S. economy’s gross domestic product last year that the U.S. Department of Commerce has not seen since the 1940s, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce.

On an unrelated but relevant topic, Ion Stoica, co-founder of Databricks and professor at UC Berkeley, spoke at VentureBeat’s Transform conference on trends in Reinforced Learning.


The company has made a term for itself with four open-source products. Similarly, culminating in a core data lake product called Delta Lake. You may recall that another hot data lake company, Snowflake, raised almost half a billion dollars at a valuation of $12.4 billion a year ago before launching at a valuation that doubled last September the stock market went. databricks 1b 28bjohnsonventurebeat has already surpassed that public rating with this round as a private company.

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