A Eauctionsindia Com Car  is a pretty common phenomenon in India and all parts of the world. There could be countless reasons to auction a car. It could range from auctioning off one-off or unique edition cars to make money to raising money by selling cars donated by generous people, getting rid of a vehicle after an accident, or insurance companies auctioning cars to recover unpaid premiums. by its clients or any similar reason. Indus EasyWheels is one platform where customers can get good car deals in auctions.

On the contrary, the fundamental difference when buying a used car from a dealership lies in the fact that it is part of making a profit. The only goal of auctioning or selling cars at a dealership is to make money. It is an established business. Therefore, prices for identical vehicles at dealerships will be considerably higher than at auctions.

Difference Between Used Car Auction And Used Car Dealership In India.

Difference Between Used Car Auction And Used Car Dealership In India.

Let’s understand the difference between a car auction and a used car dealership in India with an example. If a vehicle sells for Rs 10 lakh as a new car, it can remain found for between Rs 5 lakh and Rs 7 lakh in the used car market and dealerships. The prices will depend on the car’s condition, how many kilometers it has driven, the body type (i.e., SUV, sedan, hatchback, etc.), and its variant. The used car dealer may impose a markup to maximize profits depending on market demand.

However, there could be significant differences if the same car remains auctioned. Auctions are generally not intended to record profits or make money. Banks and insurance companies have the authority to seize and sell the assets of an individual or organization if they fail to make payments for any reason.

In such cases, the bank or insurance company will not care much about the car’s condition, the mileage it offers, the type of bodywork, the damage to the car, etc. They only want to sell the vehicle to recover the amount owed. Plus, they don’t even get to keep the extra money. Interestingly, if an amount greater than the payment owed remains recovered when auctioning a car, it is returned to the owner. Therefore, his interests remain never aligned with making a profit.

Tips For Attending A Eauctionsindia Com Car In India

If you want a car in good condition, visiting some auctions may not be a bad idea. Also, India’s leading automobile auction house, Indus EasyWheels, offers excellent cars and bikes at attractive prices. Sure, there won’t be many options, as companies can only auction off what the customer has, but you may get excellent value for money. However, inspect the car and check its history at any auction before bidding. Additionally, it would help if you avoided accidents with vehicles, as there is no guarantee that all damage will remain repaired. Then you’d better buy from an authorized used car dealer, where you can hold them responsible for any problems.

Five Points To Remember When Buying A Used Vehicle At An Electronic Auction

Five Points To Remember When Buying A Used Vehicle At An Electronic Auction

The used vehicle market in India is experiencing high demand in recent years. Buying a used vehicle with superior features costs less than buying a new one with average features, making it an economical option.

But here’s the trick. Choosing a used vehicle requires extra work to ensure it is in good condition. Here, we leave you 5 points to make this easier for you.

The Inspection Report

The inspection report is the master document for understanding the vehicle. This document will contain the detailed qualifications of the car in each department.

The components that have the most significant impact on the vehicle are its engine and body. You will already have a strong car at its core by ensuring it is in proper condition.

The next priority is the suspension and transmission. Make sure these parts have a good rating. Problems here could cause you problems later.

Last in priority are external elements such as scratches and dents. A used vehicle without scratches or dents is a rare find. These are cosmetic only and do not affect the driving or safety standards of the car. You can permanently repair this at a later stage.

At IndusWheelz, all our cars are inspected by our escorted experts, ensuring that all information is at your fingertips.

Vehicle Documents

Now that you have ensured the vehicle’s condition is good, it is time to check if the following documents are available. The more you check off this list, the better.

  • Registration certificate
  • Insurance documents.
  • Maintenance records
  • No objection certificate

Bid The Correct Amount

Bid The Correct Amount

Now that you have confidence in the vehicle, it’s time to make an offer. Make sure you bid the correct amount. It ensures that the car is not lost.

Since you have all the details upfront, bidding the correct amount will help you stay ahead of the competition.

Add Vehicles To Your Watchlist

Add a vehicle to your watchlist if it has caught your attention and hasn’t yet made it to auction. It ensures you receive auction updates on your registered mobile number and email ID.

Pay The Full And Final Amount On Time

Once you have won the bid and paid the token amount, ensure you pay the total and final amount on time.

It could reduce the likelihood of the car being auctioned again or closing the token amount. Pay quickly using our online and offline options.


Shetty says the buyer should read the terms and conditions of possession of the property before participating in the offer. “All said and done, it is continuously safe to go for assets that are already in the possession of the lender. The possibility of acquiring a great car at a low price makes bank car auctions an excellent option for many buyers. Banks are generally eager to sell repossessed vehicles quickly to recoup their losses, so they often set lower prices than you would find at a traditional dealership.