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What is Echo Dot?

The main difference between the Echo Dot and the Echo is that it lacks the prominent speaker that occupies most of the original Echo’s barrel. Instead, it has a much smaller and inferior speaker. But it can be easily connected to an external speaker via a standard audio cable or Bluetooth. The original Echo cannot link to an external speaker.

Otherwise, the Dot is identical to the Echo: it can perform all the functions of any other member of the Amazon Echo family. So, for example, Alexa’s assistant works the same way, and you can use the same library of skills and activities.

If you already have an Echo-type product and want additional speakers for other rooms in your home, you can mix and match. For example, an Amazon Echo Dot can remain used in a home with other Amazon Echo and Echo Dot speakers.

While Amazon Echo products can’t “beam” information from one device to another and don’t know each other in the same house, they do have microphone technology that ensures the closest Echo picks up and responds to voice commands: handy if you have it multiple Echo products in a small house or apartment.

Other speakers in the Amazon Echo family

Amazon has expanded the size of the Amazon Echo family of products in recent years. Alongside the Amazon Echo, Amazon now also offers the Echo Plus, similar in shape to a cylinder but has a built-in Zigbee hub to control Zigbee-enabled intelligent home devices.

The Echo Spot is what you would get if you added a screen to an Echo Dot. Amazon intends to use the spot, primarily on a bedside table, as a high-tech alarm clock that can respond to voice commands and display information on the small screen.

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