What if I’m absent after I’ve provided the date I received the item by courier?  – https-smp-saihai-kuronekoyamato-co-jp-simple_smp_saihai-service_menu_smp

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You will be absent, and a notice of absence will be placed in your mailbox. Request a new delivery online. Kuroneko members can pick up at convenience stores and sales offices. ( Whether Amazon or whatever, it will be a “Yamato Transport” package.

How To Use – https-smp-saihai-kuronekoyamato-co-jp-simple_smp_saihai-service_menu_smp

  • Enter the invoice number
  • Switch from outside the office
  • Complete the following procedures to use the notification service.
  • Open new window Package notification settings

1. Identity Verification

Enter the notification settings and confirm that [Personal Authentication Setting Status] is “Authenticated”. If it is “Unauthenticated,” you need to authenticate yourself. Follow the procedure from the “Authenticate and configure” button.

*There are two types of personal authentication: “phone number authentication” and “address authentication” registered to Kuroneko members. If you select “Address Authentication,” “Personal Authentication Completion Information” will be sent to your registered address will be sent by post. Because it will take time to publish, please choose “phone number authentication” if you want to use it immediately.

2. Configure package notifications

To receive a scheduled delivery notification, set the channels (Email, LINE, Yahoo, etc.) you want to receive under Use on the Package Notification Settings page.

*To access the Package Notification Settings page, log in to Kuroneko Members and select “Delivery Notification” from the icons on the top page.

Step  1

Access the details of the package under “Notification of Absence”.

Step  2

Select Change date and time on the package detail page.

Change Website

Request a new delivery from the package request system.

open a new windowBaggage tracking system

Step  1

Login to Kuroneko Members and go to My Packing List.

Step  2

Please select the appropriate package from “My Package List” and request a new delivery from the package details.

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Forwarding Reception

When using LINE Talk

First, send the “date and time change”.

If you continue to send the invoice number, you will be asked for the desired delivery date and time so that

Please let us know your preference, e.g., “tomorrow evening.”

Open a new window official LINE account

2 Select the date and time you want to receive

Step  1

Select “Change date/time/home pickup method” in the package details.

Step  2

A page will appear where you can set the date and time you want to receive it. So set the desired date and time.

Step  3

When setup is complete, you will receive an email stating, “Receipt Date Change Request Completion Notice.”

Pickup times and cutoff times are available

Preferred time tomorrow

(8:00-12:00) 14:00-16:00 18:00-20:00  16:00-18:00

receive time

[Reception until 7:00 a.m]

[Reception until 12:40 p.m]

[Reception until 12:40 p.m]

[Reception until 5:40 p.m]

[Reception until 5:40 p.m]

Depending on the delivery status of the package, e.g., B. if the package has already been delivered, you may not be able to specify the time slot.

The selectable delivery time zone varies depending on the desired time or delivery zone.

Further information on reception times can be obtained from the service center in the respective district.

Receive your package

We will deliver your package to your home at the specified date and time, so please accept it.

Frequently Asked Questions about https-smp-saihai-kuronekoyamato-co-jp-simple_smp_saihai-service_menu_smp

What does “Stay home after” mean in the “Return time” column?

In the following, “at home” means that you can be at home at any time from the time you request the new delivery until the same day (until 9:00 p.m. at the time of the new delivery).

“Home Return” is only available during business hours on the day of the return request. Please note that we do not deliver late at night or after business hours.

The deadline to request a refund on the same day is 5:40 p.m. on the same day. If the deadline has expired, indicate the desired date and time after the next day.

I requested a new delivery from the Kuroneko members, but the package has not arrived.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Please get in touch with the service center.

How often can I request a return?

You can store your luggage as often as you like as long as it is within the storage period.

The retention period is seven days (including the publication date) from the publication date of the first absence request form.

Cool TA -Q-BIN is valid for 3 days (including the mailing date) from the mailing date of the first absence request form.


  1. If you are in a hurry, please contact the sales driver directly by phone.
  2. Due to disasters, traffic conditions, etc., we may not be able to visit you at the specified forwarding date and time.
  3. If you want to cancel the return request, don’t hesitate to contact the service center.

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