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Keyboard Write for Us

Keyboard Write For Us

What does the keyboard mean?

A keyboard is a peripheral device that allows users to enter text on a computer or other electronic machine. A keyboard is a contribution device and is the easiest way for a user to communicate with a computer. This device follows the model of its predecessor, the typewriter, from which the keyboard inherits its layout, although the keys or letters are arranged to act as electronic switches. Keys include punctuation, alphanumeric and special keys like the Windows key, and various multimedia keys that are assigned specific functions.

Techopedia explains the keyboard

Different keyboard layouts are made depending on the region and the language used.

QWERTY: This layout is the most common and is named after the original six letters on the top row. This design is commonly done today due to its popularity. It’s so widespread worldwide, even in countries that don’t use the Latin alphabet for their language, that some people think it’s the only type of keyboard out there.

AZERTY: Developed in France as another variant of the QWERTY layout, it is considered the standard French keyboard.

DVORAK – This layout was created to reduce the movement of the fingers when typing and achieve faster typing speeds than QWERTY or AZERTY.

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