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How is a laptop dissimilar from a desktop computer?

Because laptops are intended for portability, there are some critical differences between them and desktop computers. First, a laptop is an all-in-one design that includes a monitor, keyboard, trackpad (which replaces the mouse), and built-in speakers. It means that it is fully functional even if no peripherals are connected. A laptop is also earlier to set up, and there are fewer cables to get in the way.

You also have the option to connect a regular mouse, a larger monitor, and other peripherals. It essentially turns your laptop into a desktop, with one key difference: you can unplug peripherals and revenue the laptop with you wherever you go.

Here are the main differences you can expect in a laptop.

Touchpad: A touchpad, also known as a trackpad, is a touch-sensitive panel that lets you control the pointer by making a drawing gesture with your finger.

a portable touch panel:

Battery – Every laptop has a battery, so you can use it when it’s not plugged in. Every time you plug in the laptop, the battery charges. Another benefit of a rechargeable battery is that it can provide backup power to the laptop when it goes out.

Power Adapter – A laptop usually comes with a special power cord, a power adapter designed for that particular type of laptop.

laptop power supply:

Ports – Most laptops have the same types of ports as desktop computers (e.g., USB), although they typically have fewer ports to save space. However, some ports may be different, and you may need an adapter.

Price – In general, laptops are more expensive than a desktop with the same internal components. While some entry-level laptops may cost less than desktop computer, these are often much less powerful.

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