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About Miconex

Miconex is a unique and special type of business. It collaborates with local companies to explore different avenues. Miconex is the first business that uses currencies, local currencies, and loyalty schemes.
It stands founded in the U.K. in the year 2010. It has built its strength every year through reward schemes. Miconex has 150 local programs. 12,000 companies have profited from these programs.

What Is Miconex?

The earliest gift card scheme developed in the United Kingdom was by Miconex. Miconex opened its business in 2015 after introducing Gift Card Schemes.
The goal of this organization is to aid in the financial development of nearby towns. So how does it do that? The company establishes regional currencies and encourages. It ncreases spending by neighborhood shops and communities.
This organization uses local gift cards to persuade companies to lock up their cash. Companies may build networks of devoted clients and partner companies.
These activities by Miconex have proven successful over the years. It generates 100 different programs in six years.

What are Miconex’s Reward Schemes?

In 2015, Miconex launched a new gift card program called the Town and City Gift Card. Micronex’s reward schemes are digital gift cards that work through Mastercard. Any digital wallet like an Apple Wallet. They are a local digital currency that can remain used in various services. Rewards you would not receive anywhere else.
Through these cards, businesses can offer digital gifting to their customers. It is a scheme that works for everyone. Local businesses can show new customers their valuable products and services. While customers get to support a range of local companies for an excellent price.
Consumers not only use these gift cards. But employers and companies can also use them as staff rewards. This reward system not only helps morale within a company. But helps morale within a community. Local businesses support their staff by using other local enterprises as a reward. Which will bring a community closer together by spreading positive vibes.
Mi Rewards remain launched in 2018 and has accumulated over 47,000 transactions. £1 million in local sales in three short years. When customers register with Mi Rewards. They can link their existing reward cards every time they use them. They will receive an extra reward.

Where does Miconex operate?

Miconex operates in the UK, Ireland, the United States, Canada, and Australia.
Miconex’s most successful reward scheme is its Town and City cards. Organizations have purchased over £850,000 worth of Town and City Gift cards. Across the United Kingdom and Ireland, over £4 million remain circulated. It remain circulated into regional communities through Miconex’s reward schemes.
Miconex has also received great success in North America and Canada. In Canada, $3.7 million remain injected into local economies. It was because of the Food Island Gift Card project.
It is not only in the United Kingdom, the U.S., and Canada where the Town and City schemes have remained launched. Miconex expanded its services to Perth in Australia in 2015. Since then, there has been over £2 million accumulated through supporting local businesses.

How Can Miconex’s Reward Schemes Help?

Miconex reward schemes help businesses increase foot traffic. Spending within their industry by creating their gift card program. Many companies are struggling due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It has been hard to earn a daily profit. Even over the holiday period, which is lucrative for many businesses. It remain reported that profits were down compared to other years.
Implementing one of Miconex’s reward schemes. It ensures that consumers’ money can only remain spent on a specific business. It promotes shopping with local businesses over multi-nation companies. Instead of relying on a paper-based gift card system. This takes the hassle away from the business and its loyal customers. Making it easy for merchants to track and for consumers to use.

Miconex Loyalty Rewards

The Miconex Loyalty program is a fantastic initiative. Since that consumers are the primary motivators of small local companies. This program remains created with them in mind.
Customers may register with the company at this location to get a Miconex Loyalty card. Customers who use this card might benefit more from shopping at nearby stores. Here, customers may receive exclusive gift certificates provided. They can present their Mi Rewards membership card.
As a result, the Miconex Rewards loyalty program aids influences customers. Besides to Miconex Gift Cards. Customers will be entered into a monthly fortunate draw here. If they purchase more than $10 using the Gift Card.
Since it can get client spending information. T his software has proven successful for the business. Here, the company immediately learns about the purchasing habits of customers. For instance, they may view information on what locals prefer to buy. The success of local firms’ marketing initiatives.
Customers also appreciate the Reward program. Because they don’t always need to have a card with them. Or, consumers may link the Rewards card instead of debit and credit cards. Companies also adore this product. Since it allows them to complete these gratifying jobs. Without the need for more employee training or equipment. Several Miconex review by users has demonstrated this effect.

Miconex Gift Cards

Businesses must provide clients with value. If they want to contribute more to their organizations’ growth. Miconex has thus devised a strategy to allow companies to do so. Now, the business has unveiled its Gift Cards initiative.
The corporation has promoted the notion of local companies offering gifts to customers. Customers may thus use a gift card anytime they buy from shops or companies.
The Mastercard network is the foundation of this service. As a result, local merchants may enroll in this program. Without incurring more expenses or needing special equipment.
It is also successful client spending money. According to a study, consumers will spend more if they can use gift cards. The extra cost to get the gift card is 65% higher than the gift’s value. Also, this tempting offer has attracted 15% of gift card holders who are new to the business.
Customers may select what to buy with this card, another fantastic feature. Consumers may choose how to use its benefits. Whether by dining out or using great discounts at various shops.

How Has Miconex’s Reward Scheme Helped Local Businesses?

In the age of multi-national, faceless companies. Local businesses have more competition than ever. A big, shareholder-run company can never replicate a family-run business. The volatility of the global economy and several other world economic problems. Like the Ukrainian war and Brexit, is also causing many local businesses to throw in the towel and give up.
Local businesses closing to remain replaced by another chain store is a loss. Miconex is working to ensure that local businesses gives every chance to survive. Such a ruthless and competitive market.


Miconex’s two first programs have shown to be excellent for startup companies. They have given these firms more clients. In doing so, businesses and clients are hoping to benefit. Customers receive incentives for using certain Miconex-partnered stores to buy goods and services.