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what is the mouse?

A mouse is a small computer hardware input device used by hand. It controls the arrow’s movement on the computer screen and allows operators to move and select folders, text, files, and images on a computer. It is an object that must be placed on a flat, hard surface to be used. When users move the mouse, the cursor moves in a similar direction on the display screen. The name mouse derives from its size, as it is a small, wired, elliptical-shaped device resembling a mouse. You can think of a mouse connection cable as the mouse’s tail. In addition, some mice have combo functions, such as additional buttons that can be assigned and programmed with many commands. The invention of the mouse is considered one of the most significant advances in computing as it helped reduce the need for a keyboard.

Who invented the mouse?

In 1963, Douglas Engelbart invented the mouse while working at Xerox PARC. However, due to Alto’s lack of success, the first mouse application was widely used by the Apple Lisa computer. Older mouse devices are connected to computers via a cord or cable. Modern mouse devices use optical technology and the visible or invisible light beam controlling cursor movements. In addition, many models offer wireless connectivity capabilities through various wireless technologies, including Bluetooth and radio frequency.

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