Hi, hope you are having a nice day! In this article, we will talk about an article in The New York Times about Snapchat, Instagram and Spotlight. Cam Casey is a TikTok star who has more than 7 million followers; one day, he posted a video showing a science experiment of a bottle exploding with Coca-Cola, and it became famous on Snapchat.

When Mr Casey was 19 years old, he came across the update of Snapchat, which has launched a new feature where we can post short-form videos. He wanted to post his old videos and wondered if they would get any attraction.

After the Feature update, within two weeks Mr Casey became a top performer on Snapchat and made thousands of dollars daily. Due to this he became more punctual with the postin of videos. He posted fresh content ever minute by minute.

Snapchat Tiktok Spotlightlorenz Yorktimes

Snapchat Tiktok Spotlightlorenz Yorktimes

Snapchat was mostly known as a messaging app and not for the content or video creators. Later, day by day the creaters with large following started to put their videos on Public thorough a feature in snapchat called Discover.

After being Spotlight featured Snapchat changes it’s identity from only a messaging platform to a other apps as TikTok and Video Platforms

The same things that are famous on TikTok are popular on Spotlight: dancing videos, challenges and tutorials. The main difference on Spotlight is the absence of public like counts or comments. And when videos go viral, the makers makes money, even if they are not influencers.

Meme accounts and viral collectors are already trying to operate the feature by uploading videos ripped from YouTube and TikTok. But the payouts are already converting the path of many young people’s lives.

Spotlightlorenz Yorktimes

Spotlightlorenz Yorktimes

Professional content makers have been cashing in the most on Spotlight. Some small and midlevel creators have struggled to earn a living as full-time influencers for years. They made their money off a patch work of brand deals and merchandise selling, but platform monetization was not happening on Snapchat.

Everyone is talking about Spotlight, it’s very well known among all TikTokers and all social media influencers. TikTok set that precedent for what kind of content people want. Snapchat has done an excellent job of recreating that in their way, building that into their app,” he said. “They’re the highest paying platform right now. Hopefully, other platforms will see that and will follow their lead because ultimately that’s what will make creators the happiest.”

Joseph Albanese, the C.E.O. of Stir said that the TikTok maker fund, a program in which company-approved influencers can make money through their content, “put all other stages on notice. These podiums are making it easier for new creators to pop up, and if you don’t have a strong monetization play, they’ll leave and go somewhere else.”

Mr Casey said his Snapchat success had provided him with a ticket to the top of the Los Angeles influencer hierarchy. He recently give the impression on the YouTube star David Dobrik’s podcast to discuss his success. “I think it’s already initial to help me get into that mainstream social media world with all the other normal creators,” Mr Casey said.

As TikTok has become more crowded and competitive, young people are sensing opportunities in Snapchat, especially since they can potentially make money soon. “I think making money is why many high schoolers want to become social media influencers,” Ms Feeney said.

Snapchat Spotlightlorenz New Yorktimes

Snapchat Spotlightlorenz New Yorktimes

Snapchat sees early success with Spotlight, but it will be a challenge to depose TikTok as the platform of the moment. “TikTok is the platform to be right now; it’s where all the consideration is going,” said Mr Casey.

In recent weeks, outgoings on Spotlight have also already been bein paid smaller as the pie is divided between more users every day. “There’s more opposition,” said Mr Casey. “It’s harder to get views. More individuals are posting.”

For Spotlight to do well, it can’t just pay makers; it must also bestow fame. Followers are their type of currency and, in approximately ways, just as valued as dollars. For brands to take announcement of Snapchat stars, the platform must prove . It is a place that incubates and fosters talent and also popularity. Most people on the net know what a TikTok star is, but an archetypal Snapchat creator has yet to be defined.

To keep up the momentum, Mike Metzler, 33, a Snapchat creator and social analytics researcher in Houston, said that social media creators and those who work in the industry had banded together to discuss their earnings and boost each other up.

Tiktok Spotlightlorenz New Yorktimes

Tiktok Spotlightlorenz New Yorktimes

The popular video app is changing social media, one quick video at a time.

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In the end, Some Spotlight creators are debating creating their own Snapchat collab households. Cam Casey said he had a call with Snapchat to provoke something similar to the Hype House. But the company indicated they were concerned about the legal issues that might come with funding such a thing. Let me know your feedback in the comment section.