Soyabean Rate Today Latur

Although, get the Latest and Updated Soybean Prices in Latur Market in Latur District, Maharashtra. You can compare the prices of different varieties of soybeans in the Latur market.

As per current market rates, the maximum price of soybean is INR 5240.00/Quintal in Latur, while the minimum fee is INR 4652.00/Quintal in Latur across varieties. The average price is INR 5050.00/Quintal across types. If You’re Interested.

The Rates of Soyabean in the Latur Market

Soyabean Rate Today Latur

20-Oct-2022 Soyabean Yellow 4652.00 INR/Quintal

52.00 Rs. Up

5240.00 INR/Quintal

75.00 Rs. Up

5050.00 INR/Quintal

50.00 Rs. Up

19-Oct-2022 Soyabean Yellow 4600.00 INR/Quintal

-100.00 Rs. Down

5165.00 INR/Quintal

-10.00 Rs. Down

5000.00 INR/Quintal

-50.00 Rs. Down

18-Oct-2022 Soyabean Yellow 4700.00 INR/Quintal

No Change

5175.00 INR/Quintal

-34.00 Rs. Down

5050.00 INR/Quintal

-20.00 Rs. Down

17-Oct-2022 Soyabean Yellow 4700.00 INR/Quintal

500.00 Rs. Up

5209.00 INR/Quintal

-53.00 Rs. Down

5070.00 INR/Quintal

-30.00 Rs. Down

15-Oct-2022 Soyabean Yellow 4200.00 INR/Quintal

200.00 Rs. Up

5262.00 INR/Quintal

5.00 Rs. Up

5100.00 INR/Quintal

No Change

14-Oct-2022 Soyabean Yellow 4000.00 INR/Quintal

-630.00 Rs. Down

5257.00 INR/Quintal

26.00 Rs. Up

5100.00 INR/Quintal

No Change

12-Oct-2022 Soyabean Yellow 4630.00 INR/Quintal

230.00 Rs. Up

5231.00 INR/Quintal

50.00 Rs. Up

5100.00 INR/Quintal

100.00 Rs. Up

10-Oct-2022 Soyabean Yellow 4400.00 INR/Quintal

-300.00 Rs. Down

5181.00 INR/Quintal

-100.00 Rs. Down

5000.00 INR/Quintal

-100.00 Rs. Down

8-Oct-2022 Soyabean Yellow 4700.00 INR/Quintal

700.00 Rs. Up

5281.00 INR/Quintal

91.00 Rs. Up

5100.00 INR/Quintal

100.00 Rs. Up

7-Oct-2022 Soyabean Yellow 4000.00 INR/Quintal

-351.00 Rs. Down

5190.00 INR/Quintal

4.00 Rs. Up

5000.00 INR/Quintal

No Change

6-Oct-2022 Soyabean Yellow 4351.00 INR/Quintal

-249.00 Rs. Down

5186.00 INR/Quintal

-116.00 Rs. Down

5000.00 INR/Quintal

-100.00 Rs. Down

3-Oct-2022 Soyabean Yellow 4600.00 INR/Quintal

200.00 Rs. Up

5302.00 INR/Quintal

31.00 Rs. Up

5100.00 INR/Quintal

-20.00 Rs. Down

Latur Market Information


Address: Agricultural Produce Market Committee, Market Yard, Latur-413512.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the marketplace price of Soyabean in Latur today?

Today’s average market price of soybeans in Latur is INR 5050.00/Quintal.

What is the minimum market price of soybeans in Latur today?

INR 4652.00/Quintal is today’s minimum market price for soybeans in Latur.

What is the maximum market price of soybeans in Latur today?

INR 5240.00/Quintal is today’s maximum market price of soybeans in Latur.

What are the varieties of soybeans available?

Common varieties of soybeans are yellow etc., in various markets in India.

What is Latur?

Firstly, Latur is a city in Maharashtra, India, and one of the largest cities in the Marathwada region. It is the directorial headquarters of Latur District and also Latur Taluka. Although, the urban tourist hub remains surrounded by many past monuments, including Udgir Fort and Kharosa Caves. Individuals in Latur are called Laturkar. The utmost spoken language in Latur is Marathi. If You’re Interested.

History of Latur

Although, Latur has an ancient history that probably dates back to the Rashtrakuta period. It was home to the Rashtrakutas branch that ruled the Deccan since 753 to 973 AD. The initial Rashtrakuta king, Dantidurga, hailed from Lattaluru, the ancient name for Latur. Ratnapura remains also mentioned as a historical name for Latur.

Although, King Amoghavarsha of the Rashtrakutas built the city of Latur. Likewise, the Rashtrakutas who prospered the Chalukyas of Badami in 753 AD named themselves residents of Lattaluru. Also, if You’re Interested.

Similarly, over the centuries, it remains ruled by the Satavahanis, Sakas, Chalukyas, Yadavas of Deogiri, Delhi Sultans, Bahamian rulers of South India, Adilshahis, and Mughals.


Although, the city’s quality of schooling attracts students from all over Maharashtra. However, it is drought-prone, with acute water shortages in urban and rural areas. Also, the economy is heavy on agriculture and has India’s highest farmer suicide rate. Industrial development is nominal in the district. Similarly, Latur is 43 km from the epicenter of the devastating 1993 earthquake.

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