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Here we are today to discuss some of the topics of It is a leading website from which you can check how many SIM cards have remained issued to someone. This portal provides Indians with information about their cellphone SIM cards.

The Department of Telecommunications has launched the portal A database of all mobile numbers operating crossways in the country remains uploaded to this portal. With the help of this portal, efforts remain made to limit spam and fraud. If you believe that someone else is using a mobile number in your name, you can file a complaint through this website.

How to use

Users must first visit the Department of Telecom portal at

About us

Telecom Analytics Fraud Management and Consumer Protection Portal (TAF-COP).

The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has taken several measures to ensure the excellent allocation of telecom resources by Telecom Service Providers (TSPs) to subscribers and protect their interests while curtailing fraud. For example, under existing guidelines, individual mobile subscribers can register up to nine mobile connections in their name

Although, This website has remained developed to help contributors check the number of mobile connections working in their name and take necessary measures to regulate their other mobile links if any. However, the primary responsibility for processing the Customer Acquisition Form (CAF) lies with the service providers.

The Facilities Provided on this portal are as follows:

  • Participants who have more than nine multiple connections to their name will remain notified via SMS.
  • Subscribers with more than nine multiple connections to their name can – Click here to take the required action.
  • Go Check Status Click here to log in with your number and enter “Ticket ID Ref No” in the “Request Status” field.


When purchasing a new SIM card, you must provide a photo and ID, such as a driver’s license or a photocopy of your voter ID. But often, the local sim provider will prepare a fake copy of your image and ID and sell many bogus sims in your name and sell them. Therefore, if a crime remains committed with this SIM card, you will be responsible for it. Therefore, everyone should verify that no one is using a fake SIM in their name.

Tafcop Ggtelecom Gov helps you to check how many SIM cards are working in your name. Using the portal, you can quickly know all the information about the SIM card. Moreover, if you find someone using a SIM using your ID, you can complain and block the SIM using the portal.

How to activate many mobile numbers on our Aadhar – Check online at How many mobile numbers are on your identity card online at Tell us in detail how many mobile numbers remain activated in your name. Only nine digits could remain registered with one person’s name, said deputy general manager of Vijayawada telecom department Ravi. Department of Telecom has noticed that some persons have more than a mobile number limit. Usually, a person can have one, two, three, or four numbers in their name.

You fear that some numbers are in your name unknowingly if you have such suspicions if there are any in your name. But, Telecom officials take given information that you can know the details of your name registered with mobile numbers and how several numbers are in your name—developed a website launched by the Department of Telecommunication Vijayawada (DVT). All the details can remain found by entering the mobile number on the website.

How to check the mobile number on our ID?

  • Visit the official website of Telecom Dept
  • Enter one of your mobile numbers
  • You resolve to receive a one-time password for the assigned mobile number
  • Go into the OTP and click on Validate OTP
  • All your mobile numbers will remain displayed
  • Select the mobile number you want to remove from your ID and click Remove
  • Click here to check the mobile numbers on your ID

List of mobile numbers associated with your name

You will receive the OTP number you entered, where you can see all the details of the phone numbers that are in your name or ID. But, The telecom department may intervene if we select and send the ones not in your name without our knowledge.

Vijayawada Telecom Deputy General Manager Robert Ravi said there could be a maximum of 9 mobile numbers per name.

Frequently asked questions about mobile numbers activated on our Aadhar

  • How to find multiple mobile numbers linked with Aadhar?
  • Can you tell me how many numbers remain activated on my Aadhar card?
  • How many SIM cards can remain issued to my Aadhar card?
  • Do you know how many mobile numbers remain linked to my aadhar?

What is the TAF-COP portal?

This website has remained developed to help subscribers check. But, The number of mobile connections working in their name and take necessary measures to regulate their other mobile relationships if any. However, the primary responsibility for processing the Customer Acquisition Form (CAF) lies with the service providers. Also, The facilities provided on this TAF-COP portal are listed below. Subscribers who have more than nine multiple connections to their name will remain notified via SMS.

TAF-COP Guidelines for Authentication of New Mobile Subscribers

Instructions for TAF-COP verification of unique mobile subscribers,

  1. Per the directions in the judgment and order dated 27.04.2012 passed by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India in WP(C) No. 285/2010, a Joint Expert Committee has remained constituted in DoT (TAF-COP ). After considering the references of the Committee. But, The guidelines have remain finalized and remain issued through this letter.
  2. This refers to the CMTS/UAS license condition, which states, among other things, that “the LICENSEE shall ensure adequate verification of each customer before their enrollment as a subscriber; instructions issued through the Licensor from time to time in this regard shall be strictly complied with.”

3. It has been decided that the Service Providers will strictly adhere to the guidelines regarding the verification of participants mentioned herein. Accordingly, these instructions supersede subsequent instructions issued on the subject and take effect three months from the date of issue unless stated in the letter.

Activating a New Mobile Connection:

4. Activating a new mobile connection: Affix the subscriber’s passport-sized photograph on the Customer Acquisition Form (CAF) and attach documents such as the Proof of Identity (Pol) and Proof of Address (POA) of the subscriber. CAF, as per guidelines applicable from time to time.

5. The person at the point of sale (POS) will receive a CAF duly completed and signed (CAF, photo, and documents attached) by the subscriber with the date. Although, In the situation of an illiterate person, the CAF can remain completed by a person at the point of sale. Still, the subscriber’s thumb impression can remain taken on the CAF, attached photographs, and documents. Each CAF should be assigned a unique number when it remains received in stock and the case before SIM activation.

Pol & PoA Details of Tafcop.Dgtelecom.Gov In

6. The Subscriber will be provided with Pol & PoA Details Master Sheet/Receipt clearly stating the Subscriber’s Name, Mobile Number applied for, CAF Number, Pol/Poa Type, Issuing Authority, Issue Date & Serial Number Document Pol /PoA duly signed with stamp Pos. www.osmosetech. com

7. The authorized person at the PoS records in the CAF that he has seen the subscriber and matched. But, The photograph attached on the CAF with the subscriber and verified his copies of address proofs and identity proof connected with the CAF with the subscriber. Original and affix his signature on the CAF and all attached documents (full name and stamp containing address). Sufficient space should remain provided in the CAF model for this purpose.

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Conclusion Of Tafcop.Dgtelecom.Gov In

TAFCOP stands for Telecom Analytics for Fraud Management & Consumer Protection. Department of Telecommunications, better known as DoT, has initiated the TAFCOP Portal while taking necessary steps to reduce telecom fraudulence.


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