Hi, are you searching for the best neighborhood market, Walmart? On this page, you can find details of Walmart Neighbourhood Market. Walmart is of of the supermarkets where you can easily find all the required groceries and necessities.

What is Walmart+?

Walmart+ is a competing service to Amazon Prime. Subscription offers several benefits, including but not limited to early access to must-have deals (think: Prime Early Access), same-day delivery on online orders, discounted access to the new two-hour express delivery option from Walmart on select items (think Amazon Prime Now) and fuel savings.

Walmart+ is also introducing a new Scan & Go service that allows subscribers to scan their purchases and pay the bill at physical stores without waiting in line, and a new Walmart+-branded credit card.

How much does Walmart+ cost?

An annual subscription to Walmart+ is $98, and a monthly subscription is $12.95 (you even get a 15-day trial if you sign up now). That’s $21 less than Amazon Prime ($119). Amazon has a no-obligation plan for $13 a month, so Walmart’s new subscription is about four cents cheaper if you’re a cost-conscious shopper.

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How does Walmart+ compare to Amazon Prime?

The obvious difference is the price. Amazon’s subscription service costs more but is more comprehensive. For an additional $21, you get access to Amazon Music Unlimited and Amazon Prime Video, not to mention fast shipping for a wider variety of products.

It might not sound like the best deal since you’ll have to shell out more, but when you factor in the cost of a Netflix and Spotify subscription, which has cost $312 over the year, it’s the best since sliced ​​bread. You get unlimited music and video streaming with access to a comparable catalog for just $21 more than Walmart+. You can’t beat that.

So what’s the benefit of a Walmart+ subscription? For starters, you have unlimited free shipping and sometimes even same-day shipping, which is great if you’re a big Walmart shopper. As mentioned above, you can also use Scan&Go in Walmart stores to have a contactless payment experience with every purchase, which is extremely important given the ongoing pandemic. Finally, there will also be fuel discounts, something we don’t see with Amazon Prime. If you drive a lot and have a Walmart+ subscription, you’ll save about five cents a gallon at most Walmart gas stations.

The value of Walmart+ depends on your loyalty as a Walmart customer. If you’re exclusively Wally and would benefit from Walmart Express, then it will be worth it. But if online shopping is your thing and you want instant access to everything with fast shipping, then Amazon Prime is still the best. No other online catalog can compare.

Walmart Plus benefits

Walmart Plus is a rewarded contribution service for purchasing many products that Walmart offers online and in stores, including groceries. Signing up gives you perks and benefits when you shop at Walmart. Walmart-owned businesses like Sam’s Club, Jet.com, and Bonobos. These benefits include:

  • Free unlimited in-store delivery as long as you spend at least $35 per order. However, note that unlimited delivery is not available in all areas. Verify your eligibility by entering your address on the Walmart website.
  • Free overnight and two-day shipping on items from Walmart.com. Unlike unlimited in-store supplies, there is no minimum fee.
  • Special fuel pricing with savings of up to 10 cents per gallon at 14,000 Walmart, Sam’s Club, Murphy USA, Murphy Express, Exxon, and Mobil gas stations.
  • Mobile Scan and Go, which allows shoppers to pay for items in-store. At the same time, they shop to save time and make it easier for those of us who are still trying to stay six feet from others, according to the guide to indoor social distancing at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. You must complete your payment on a self-checkout record if you choose to use this feature.
  • Free select prescriptions and up to 85 percent off thousands more select prescriptions at Walmart pharmacies.
  • Paramount+ Essential Plan subscription at no additional cost. According to Walmart, members will have access to the subscription starting in September, which allows them to stream original shows and movies, as well as content from Nickelodeon, MTV, CBS and more.

What is a Walmart convenience store?

As the world’s largest retailer, the Walmart group has brand awareness firmly under control.

But the company launched Walmart Neighborhood Markets just a few years ago, so many people are still wondering what those stores are.

Originally introduced to the Walmart universe in 2015, Walmart Neighborhood Markets offer a smaller, simpler alternative to the notoriously large Walmart Supercenters.

Focused on grocery, drugstore, and other household items, Walmart Neighborhood Markets is Walmart’s answer to a traditional grocery store.

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Why are Walmart’s convenience stores closing?

As of 2016, Walmart began closing hundreds of locations across the US, including Supercenter and Neighborhood Market. In 2019 alone, the company completed eight more Neighborhood Market locations.

But why exactly is Walmart closing its stores?

Regarding Walmart Neighborhood Market, the company has shared that the niche store initially launched in 2015 hasn’t done as well as they had hoped.

Walmart is struggling to figure out what consumers want, and it looks like its Walmart Neighborhood Market experiment didn’t go as planned.

As of 2022, Walmart is closing more locations each year and has stopped opening new stores.

What is Walmart Neighborhood Market, and how is it different from a regular store?

Walmart launched its Neighborhood Market line in 1998, and unlike regular Walmart stores, they’re typically found in urban areas. They’re also reportedly about a fifth the size of Walmart Supercenters.

According to Mashed.com, Walmart Neighborhood Markets “offer an alternative for people who want better service, local ingredients, and healthier groceries”. Above all, however, they compete for similar store concepts such as Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods Markets.

With 700 locations, they also made Hello Sensible’s 10 Cheapest Grocery Stores list. However, they tend to be more expensive than Walmart Supercenter due to a much lower item volume and less inventory. Still, it’s something to remember when shopping for groceries during record inflation.


Do you have pharmacies?

Yes. Although there may be some rare exceptions, most Walmart Neighborhood Market locations have pharmacies.

Do you have a photo center?

No Walmart Photo Centers can only be found at Walmart Supercenter locations.

Can checks be cashed at these locations?

Yes. All Walmart locations allow customers to cash checks.

Do you sell alcohol?

It depends on where you live. If your state allows grocery stores to sell alcohol. Walmart Neighborhood Market locations in that state will almost certainly sell beer and wine. In some states, these places are even allowed to sell liquor.

Can you return Walmart items at Walmart Neighborhood Market?

Yes. However, if you are returning general merchandise items not sold at Walmart Neighborhood Market. You may need to take your items to a Walmart Supercenter location.


Walmart Neighborhood Market is a smaller. More specialized version of Walmart that serves as a grocery store and often shows up in more densely built-up areas like cities. While Walmart Supercenter offers various products such as electronics, clothing, and home appliances. The Walmart Neighborhood Market is limited to groceries, pharmacy items, and other items typically found in grocery stores.

Unfortunately, due to the overall poor performance of some locations, Walmart has closed many of its supercenters and convenience stores over the past six years.

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