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Waymo announced today that its self-driving cars have driven tens of billions of kilometers through computer simulations and also 20 million kilometers on public roads in 25 towns including Novi, Michigan; Kirkland, Washington; and also San Francisco. That’s up from 10 million just a year ago, which the Google brother says illustrates its “accelerated learning rate” As it continues to build “the world’s most skilled driver.”


The updated metric puts Waymo well ahead of rivals like Yandex and Baidu, whose cars clocked up around 1 million miles in October and also July, respectively. In late 2017, the co-founder of Cruise, GM’s self-driving unit. Told investors he was close to racking up 1 million miles a month with his self-driving test cars.

Of course, the debate about autonomous miles is to be recognized as a measure of progress. Noah Zych, head of systems security at Uber’s Advanced Technologies Group, told Wired in an meeting that mileage without context like location isn’t a particularly insightful metric. Derek Kan, Secretary of US Policy at the US Department of Transportation, echoed this sentiment in remarks at a conference two years ago.

But Waymo argues otherwise. “To put this in viewpoint, 20 million miles of driving experience is the equal of 800 trips around the world, 40 trips to the moon and also back, and 1,400 years of driving experience for the average American driver,” the company wrote. in a press release. Similarly “As we drive the next 10 m miles and beyond, we will continue to scale our fully driverless miles, grow our driver community, and address new regions and also attendant complexities supported by our fifth-generation hardware suite.”

Waymo One app

The milestone comes after Waymo surpassed 1.5 billion monthly active users. In December, the corporation said it had tripled the number of weekly trips since January 2019, and has totaled more than 100,000 trips since launching its passenger programs in 2017.

Waymo previously said it has more than 600 vehicles ferrying  patrons of Waymo One, the commercial robo-taxi service it launched in Phoenix, Arizona in December 2019. Waymo recently began mapping the streets of Los Angeles to study congestion and expand freeway testing in Florida between Orlando, Tampa, Fort Myers and Miami.

Dynamics and future expansion

Google began testing self-driving cars equipped with lidar sensors, radar, cameras and also powerful on-board computers on the streets of San Francisco in 2009 as part of a stealth project. Likewise, the entity was renamed Waymo in 2016 and spun off as a subsidiary of Alphabet led by John Krafcik. Former president and CEO of Hyundai North America.

Waymo One hasn’t grown much beyond Phoenix geographically, but is increasingly moving towards a broader launch in the continental US. To that end, a Waymo One app for iOS was released on the App Store last month. Like the Android app that launched publicly in April, Waymo One for iOS receives rides 24 hours a day, seven days a week from almost anywhere in the Phoenix area. Although, ask customers to provide pickup and also drop-off points before estimating arrival time and travel costs. As with a typical ridesharing app, users can also enter payment information and also rate the quality of the rides on a five-star scale.

Shortly after announcing a partnership with Lyft to deploy 10 cars on the Phoenix ridesharing platform, Waymo announced that a portion of its self-driving taxis no longer have a safety driver behind the wheel. Fully driverless rides remain available for only “a few hundred” riders in Waymo’s Early Rider program, the company said.

Waymo Jaguar I Paces

In addition, Waymo san phoenixwiggersventurebeat is poised to dramatically expand the size of its operations in the coming months. Moreover, it’s on track to add up to 62,000 Chrysler Pacifica minivans to its fleet and has signed an agreement with Jaguar Land Rover to equip 20,000 of the automaker’s Jaguar I-Pace electric SUVs with its system by 2020. Beats are currently on public roads in San Francisco.) Waymo is also testing its autonomous stack on Peterbilt trucks on freeways in the Bay Area of San Francisco, Michigan, Arizona, Georgia, and Metro Phoenix (as well as I-10 between Phoenix and Tucson). The company plans to expand trucking and commercial delivery applications of its technology in a project internally called Husky.

According to marketing firm ABI, up to 8 million self-driving cars will be on the road by 2025. And also  Research and Markets estimates that there will be about 20 million self-driving cars on the road in the US by 2030. Assuming Waymo claims On Investment bank UBS expects the company to dominate the driverless car market over the next decade with a market share of over 60%.


That may be optimistic: Waymo san phoenixwiggersventurebeat has competition from Yandex, Tesla, Zoox. Aptiv, May Mobility, Pronto.ai, Aurora, Nuro, and also GM’s Cruise Automation, to name a few. Daimler received approval from the Chinese government last summer allowing it to test self-driving cars powered by Baidu’s Apollo platform on public roads in China. Beijing-based Pony.ai, which has raised $214 million in venture capital, launched a driverless taxi pilot in Irvine in October. And also startup Optimus Ride was the first to build a small fleet of autonomous shuttles in New York City.

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