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The owner of the verified @willsmith Twitter account is not disgraced actor Will Smith, who just resigned submissively from the Academy after slapping Chris Rock at the 94th Academy Awards.

The Official account of Will Smith on Twitter does not exist.

After the actor announced on Friday that he was resigning his membership in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Will Smith — a podcaster, gamer and PR person at indie game studio Stray Bombay who lives in San Francisco — is on the receiving end of a new misdirected tweet storm comments. towards @willsmith which he’s had since 2007. He posted a GIF of a bowl of petunias flying with the caption “Oh no, not again”

This isn’t Will Smith’s first San Francisco rodeo to be mistaken for an actor who shares his name. His personal site is notthatwillsmith.com and his Twitter bio also points out that he is not “notthatwillsmith”.

The years-long case of mistaken identity came to a head on Sunday after actor Will Smith took the Oscars stage on live television and punched Rock, who made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith.

After being inundated with comments on Twitter after The Slap, @willsmith posted this: “I’m really not the guy you’re mad/happy with. At the risk of people getting mad at me instead of the other person, the world would be better if we stopped responding to words with violence.”

Even on Friday, in a thread in which gamer-podcaster Will Smith reiterated that he was not Will Smith, Twitter users continued to mistakenly @ him. “Bring back your Oscar clown,” someone wrote in response to @willsmith’s flying petunias GIF.

One observer, sympathetic to San Francisco’s Will Smith’s plight, noted, “Somehow so many people still don’t ask why the other guy has a picture of some bearded white dude as his avatar?

After that

Will Smith Twitter

Meanwhile, matters weren’t helped by a Sunday night tweet from ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith — no relation to either Will Smith — chastising the actor for his behavior, in which he marked @willsmith.

“I didn’t know @jadapsmith had alopecia until now. She is amazing and great. So does @willsmith – which we all know,” tweeted Stephen A. Smith. “Both are phenomenal. But you are NOT doing what Will is doing in this setting. Go backstage and work it out if you have to. Horrible sight!”

On Sunday, a financial organizer named George Papadopoulus — not the George Papadopoulus who served as an advice-giver to Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign and later pleaded guilty to felony charges of making untrue statements to FBI agents about his contacts with Russian nationals — felt @willsmith’s pain. .

“Dude, welcome to the club!” financial planner Papadopoulos tweeted in San Francisco Will Smith.

Twitter is in shambles over Chris Rock’s scathing response to Will Smith’s Oscar slap

On Saturday (March 4), Chris Rock and Netflix teamed up for his live stand-up special Selective Outrage. A first of its kind on the streaming platform.

As expected, the legendary comedian used his time during the Baltimore show to respond to the slap the world heard at last year’s Oscars. One that left Rock’s relationship with Will Smith up in the air, to say the least.

As REVOLT previously reported, the Brooklyn-raised Rock didn’t mince words when it came to his Philadelphia counterpart and his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith.

“Anyone who really knows knows that I had nothing to do with that s**t. I had no involvement,” Rock said, referring to the couple’s highly publicized situation with New Orleans singer August Alsina.

“His wife was taking sex with her son’s boyfriend. Normally I wouldn’t talk about this s**t… We’ve all been duped. Everyone here was cheated. None of us have ever been questioned on TV by the person who cheated on us.”

After the special, social media — specifically Twitter — was in an uproar over what Rock said. With many disagreeing with his decision to attack Jada. XXL The CHIKA freshman alum blasted the “Everybody Hates Chris” star in a series of tweets.

“Chris Rock is such a badass,” she began. “You took a moment on stage to stab a woman you hold a grudge against offstage, got the S**T slapped out of you (rightly so) and now you’re using white people clutching your pearls to paint yourself as the victim while you continue your tirade.”

Other Users Opinion

Another user, Uju Anya, saw what she witnessed as justification for the slap. “Netflix is ​​constantly harassing subscribers.

They’re canceling hit shows that people actually want to watch and giving Chris Rock millions of dollars to prove that Will Smith was right to slap him,” she said.