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The concept of the platform was born in 2007. A few years later, ForexPros.com acquired the Investing.com domain for $2.45 million to create a global financial news portal for novice and semi-professional traders and investors. Alternatively, you become the one-stop shop for your target group.

Today, Investing.com is visited by an average of more than 160 million users per month. Making it the most popular investment portal in the world, according to SimilarWeb.

The reason for this extreme interest is the broad market coverage of the site. The trading platform publishes market data, charts, quotes, financial analysis tools, breaking news, and more.

It also grants access to advanced tools like personal notifications, personalized portfolios, calendars, calculators, and more.

Investing.com is available in over 30 languages ​​and is free. In addition, the site has dedicated apps for iOS and Android, which are among the highest-rated in their respective stores.

www investing com


Investing.com lists valuable information for more than 300,000 asset classes. Including stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies, indices, forex, bonds, funds and interest rates, ETFs, futures, and options.

Each asset class has subcategories and suggestions with the most traded and popular choices.

Suppose you are interested in Apple stocks. The dedicated page contains all features, including real-time quotes, historical data, options, financial and technical analysis tools, updates, charts, and more. It also offers a live stream with user feedback on the particular instrument.


The section is one of the most visited on the site. It is because it contains all kinds of ideas and articles that can remain filtered by asset class or relevance and popularity.

Most articles are short and straight to the point. This way, the day trader can quickly and smoothly grasp the essentials.

New updates are released every few minutes, making Investing.com one of the best places to follow the current state of the markets. Plus, with customizable notifications, you can make sure you don’t miss any new relevant information.


Investing.com’s Analysis section contains opinions and insights from leading authors. Think of it like the Opinion Articles section of the site. The unit features analysis from reputable niche leaders, CEOs, and active traders.

While the news section helps you stay abreast of the latest financial market developments, the analysis section gives tips on playing them.

Category pieces remain broken down into subcategories, including a market overview and specific analysis based on asset class type.

You may also take advantage of the Editor’s Picks subsection, where you can find information that the Investing.com editorial team believes is valuable and recommends to its audience.


You may be already familiar with the charting section of the site even before visiting the trading platform. The reason is that they remain embedded in thousandths of other websites.

The website’s graphics are functional and cover hundreds of thousands of assets. In addition, they are easy to use and customizable. Their intuition makes them an excellent choice for beginners, while their rich and powerful features make them the tool of choice for advanced day traders.


If you are a techie and are new to the dedicated section of Investing.com, you may be surprised as it will likely become one of your go-to information sources.

The section lists all the technical trading patterns detected on an asset’s chart during a specific period. In addition to the pattern’s name and the graph it appeared on, the site also shows when it happened. It means you can get information about the current practices, making the section a great informational tool for day traders.

In addition, the technical section also informs the visitor whether a particular pattern remains created or completed. However, the essential feature is that it evaluates the reliability of the design and indicates whether it is good to trade with.

Indicators can be filtered and customized based on various criteria, including a time frame, reliability, indication, and type (bullish and bearish).

The user can filter different technical information types from the main menu, including summaries, analysis, and setups (e.g., pivot points and MAs), or even use some of the built-in technical trading calculators.


In this section, you will find helpful guidance from the Investing.com team on what to look for when choosing your forex, cryptocurrency, CFD, or broker.

There are lists of different brokers and trading platforms, as well as features that the Investing.com team likes for each service provider.

Feel free to check them out, but avoid choosing your broker solely based on Investing.com reviews. Also, make sure to do additional research and look into the details of each broker.


The section includes a selection of helpful free tools, including an economic calendar (earnings and holiday calendars are also available), a currency converter, trading calculators, heat maps, a volatility visualization tool for those who trade currencies, a mortgage calculator, and more.

The tools are intuitive and easy to navigate, making them a suitable choice for beginners, advanced traders, and investors.

Keep an eye on the section as Investing.com often develops new tools to enhance the capabilities of its users.


Investing.com users can sign up via email, Facebook or Google and build their portfolio from scratch or replicate an existing allocation. In addition, the functionality allows users to monitor their financial instruments easily and track their holdings.

The feature is helpful for those who don’t want something too fancy or complicated but just the necessary tools and functionality available for free.

The Investing.com Portfolio section allows users to include Funds, Indices, FX, Stocks, and Commodities and tracks multiple watchlists easily accessible via PC, tablet, or phone.


According to the team behind the site, the section was developed to provide the reader with key financial terms to know.

And, to be fair, we have to say that if you’re willing to grow your operations, this is a great place to do it. The Education section of Investing.com includes tons of informative content in a variety of formats.

You’ll find a list of live and recorded on-demand webinars, free eBooks, a calendar of upcoming financial conferences and conventions, educational articles and trading strategy guides, and more.

The content is presented in an easy to understand way and always straight to the point.


For those interested in this very popular asset class, Investing.com has a lot to offer. In addition to the typical price information and trading statistics. The site also has an ICO calendar and a cryptocurrency converter.

Users can also explore a list of cryptocurrency brokers that includes the opinion of the Investing.com team and the advantages of each service provider.

There is also a section with market updates that lists all the latest developments in the niche.


If we had to single out one distinguishing feature of the Investing.com platform, then Investing Insights really makes the cut.

This paid tool helps investors jumpstart their research by capitalizing on professionally developed stock rating factors, price targets from Wall Street analysts. Stock sentiment ratings from industry experts, a rating system for thousands of company stocks, a stock evaluation feature, and more.

Alternatively, it is their automated wizard that reveals the most popular stock picks, recommended by the best in the industry.

You can try Investing Insights for free with the 14-day trial. However, after it ends, it will be subject to automatic renewal with a paid scheme. Subscription costs $14.92 per month or $179.00 billed annually. Considering the quality of insights you’ll gain, the option is surely worth considering.

Conclusion – www.investing.com

Investing.com is considered the most popular financial website in the world. It offers tons of useful information and tools available for free. You will get excellent data on world markets and various asset classes, calendars and times of economic events. In-depth analysis and information when using the website.

However, if you dig deeper, you’ll find complaints about the site’s performance. More importantly, its support service (see reviews on TrustPilot, for example). Investing.com is free to use for the most part, but the number of ads on the website is relatively high and sometimes annoying.

Since we don’t like a one-size-fits-all approach. We suggest doing some additional research and finding out how Investing.com can remain used. Depending on the needs of your day-to-day trading strategy and investment goals.

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