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Firstly, Lokmat Media Ltd, the regional newspaper of Maharashtra, organized a social media campaign on August 21, 2013 entitled ‘CM for a day’. This campaign provided users with an online platform encouraging them to share solutions to the various problems plaguing the state today.


www lokmat com

The campaign provides its fans with a special microsite where they can share their thoughts and ideas on how Maharashtra state government could be improved and fans have the opportunity to discuss their plan of action if they visit CM for a day would become. .

This campaign gives Lokmat the opportunity to establish itself as a recognized brand. As a media company, they have the right to inform people in real time about news and matters affecting the state. A sense of understanding remai built as a result of this campaign, along with an effort to gain their trust.

This campaign is a way to gain loyal followers who will gain more followers in the near future based on word of mouth. Campaigns of this type are very common in other newspapers. With this, Lokmat is also trying to become one of the leading providers in news reporting.


Likewise, lokmat created a dedicated microsite to run this campaign, which could remain accessed via the personalized Facebook tab. The app on Facebook takes you to the microsite.

The participant’s name is extracted from the Facebook profile and generated on the desktop nametag. Users must click the pencil to start their own campaign.

Publish this, users can fill out and sign the notebook. After you complete and send your campaign, an on-screen popup allows users to share it on their Facebook wall. Participants can then view other participants’ “campaign files”. CM for a day other campaigns Lokmat participant site

The campaign was promoted on Facebook at regular intervals and good user interaction was observed.

However, the campaign was not promoted at all on Twitter. Only 1 tweet came out on launch day.

The best entry had the chance to spend a day with the publisher of the Lokmat newspaper, a visit to the Lokmat printers and a Croma voucher worth CHF 2,500.


Lokmat’s microsite to promote and participate in this campaign is incredible. The overall design and approach of the microsite is appealing and does what it says on the tin. If you are a participant, the microsite will definitely increase your enthusiasm. The site makes you curious about the other campaigns and makes you want to read the opinions of other participants.

As a citizen, reading these campaigns allows you to relate to the content shared by other users. The entire campaign empowers users online to be in a powerful post.

In order to enter this contest, one must like Lokmat’s Facebook page, as the app has a like gate that increases its visibility to other unknown users. The concept of sharing the respective campaign on your Facebook wall contributes to the success of the campaign.

Scope of improvement:

Lokmat announced this campaign on social media platforms namely Facebook and Twitter, although they seem to have completely forgotten about the latter. When we searched for the hashtag #CMForADay, we found zero user engagement and negligible brand tweets on Twitter.

Lokmat CM’s Twitter stats for a one-day campaign also underperformed Facebook. With a fan base of 2,000 people, regular updates on the campaign could have increased engagement. Facebook posts don’t use the hashtag feature and aren’t as many as we would have liked.


The concept is huge and many people can relate to it easily. The presentation of the microsite is stunning. However, it is sad to see that they did not promote the microsite well on their social networks, which could have doubled the results. In general, Lokmat took a good initiative, but they should try to take it to another level.

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