A creative agency owner who helps people and businesses with a creative Based service, so a creative-based service, in my opinion, is stuff like content Creation. copywriting and maybe even like you know, posting and growing somebody’s social media that is also pretty creative

Features Of Creative Agency

So anything creative can be graphic design, video editing, photo editing, copywriting, anything. You know that it is a highly innovative service because we take care of everything from looking for video ideas and doing topic research to editing the videos they shoot and upload.

Now with my creative agency, we help youtube professionals grow their youtube channels and sell more coaching products or courses or whatever they are selling, whether that’s supplements Or their app whatever they are selling. We will help them sell more through the power of youtube and grow a channel organically. It was creating the thumbnail for it doing the SEO, and overall managing the whole track, so this is what I consider a curative agency, any person who runs an agency that sells these kind of creative services.

Pros Of A Creative Agency

the fact that it is a creative business is not just you know, you have to go through Facebook ad accounts and work with different numbers. For some people, I think that is the right move. Like some people are very analytical and like working with numbers. I’m personally not one of those. I prefer working more of a creative job where I can make creative decisions and put my Vision into paper or video. Form

the second pro is that it is pretty quickly outsourceable. You can find a lot of excellent copywriters, content creators and even like social media managers on Upwork fiverr or Facebook groups. It is a skill that is much more easily learnable than facebook ads. For example, so that you can find many high-quality people. You can get them for a pretty good price, so it is. I would say, a bit easier to build a good team around the creative agency than a marketing agency.

Cons Of A Creative Agency

The creative agency model is probably a lot harder to scale than it is to mount a good and already those high retainers that a marketing agency can because if a Facebook ad agency can bring in. Let’s say a million dollars a month for a client. They can ask for 10 20 000 dollar retainers now. That is not the norm by any means

most agencies facebook ad agencies don’t make any very need of that. Still, there is like an opportunity, or there is an easier way to scale up a facebook ad agency of 200 or 200 or 300k per month and a creative agency. I would say, is very scalable until like 20 to 30k per month profit. Still, after you need to be working with a ton of clients and a ton of freelancers, and it can get messy. So I would say if your goal is to make you know hundreds of thousands a month. Then probably a marketing agency could be a better long-term option for you.


A creative agency is a company that develops new marketing strategies and activities to assist businesses in reaching their objectives. Their areas of expertise include advertising services, design, and technology.

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