D2 Gunsmith Weapons: Weekly rotation and Tier list

Destiny 2:

Hi, the Witch Queen has updated Gunsmith rewards with a new promotion system in line with Ritual Vendor price changes in past seasons. Banshee-44 can now provide Ascendant Alloys to Guardians and upgrade materials by dismantling items and completing bounties nevertheless, if you’re curious to learn more about Keen Gamer, you can read the following articles:

You should know how Gunsmith Ranks work and the most effective ways to increase your reputation before you decide to burn your Vault for Gunsmith’s reputation.

The operation of the Gunsmith Rank system, all rank-up methods, all rewards associated with Gunsmith ranks, and various farming techniques are covered in this tutorial to help you level this system as quickly as possible. We have provided you with information on Hcsdoh.Org;

How to increase your rifle rank

There are only two ways to increase your Gunsmith rank in Destiny 2:

  • completing daily Gunsmith challenges.
  • tearing things to pieces.
  • Let’s discuss how each strategy affects your overall rating.

Gunsmith Daily Rewards

Banshee-44 offers four daily armorer rewards that will increase your rank by 15 points when completed. These straightforward rewards require you to complete a certain amount of kills with a specific weapon or damage type.

These prices are per character and are updated daily. To complete these rewards quickly, we recommend cultivating Moon Lost sectors. Repeatable tips do not increase your rifleman rank.

Dismantling items

Rifleman D2

In Destiny 2, taking apart armor and weapons increases your Gunsmith rank somewhat. How much progress you make depends on how rare the object you are dismantling is:

  • Occasional: +1 Gunsmith rank promotion
  • Exceptional: +5 Marksman rank promotion
  • Uncommon: +5 Gunsmith rank promotion

Exotic and legendary equipment supports progress. However, armorer rank does not increase when Ghost Shells, Ships, or Sparrows remain dismantled. We have provided you with information on Ifcarry;

You can make as much progress as you want by tearing down equipment. However, consider emptying your vault if you’re close to achieving the new Gunsmith rank and need the prizes.

The fastest weapon farm

Unfortunately, Gunsmith Rank doesn’t have a short farm. As a result, this progression system is the slowest of all. Still, there are two methods you can use to increase your Gunsmith rank as quickly as possible:

  • Farm daily rewards.
  • For the reputation of the farm, destroy the objects.

Daily Bounty Farm

Complete all four of Banshee’s daily quests on all three of your characters if the name didn’t already give it away. Start your character, buy all four rewards, then complete them. We recommend farming the lost sector to meet these rewards as quickly as possible. Then, please turn in the tips, switch to a different character, and do it again.

Although, We have provided you with information on Hcsdoh.Org; With this farm, you advance 180 Gunsmith ranks every day. Although it won’t take long to get from Banshee to Legend, it’s the fastest farm you can complete without using our second method.

Rifleman D2

Item Disassemble the farm

This farm consumes glimmer and Legendary Shards. Therefore, you will need 10,000 or more Legendary Shards to make this farm profitable. If You’re Interested, Check Out this Article:

You will convert Legendary Shards and Glimmer to Gunsmith Rank as you assemble and disassemble items from the Collections card. Warning: this uses a ridiculous amount of Legendary Shards. For this farm to work, you will need a weapon or armor that can remain reproduced from your collections. Accordingly, it must be from year 1.

For this farm, you can use weapons and armor that you buy from Devrim Kay (EDZ) or Failsafe (Nessus). Also, We have provided you with information on Kyberscorner; Before you can buy a piece of armor from a particular vendor, increase your rank with each one. Also, It should allow you to rebuild the item for Legendary Shards and Glimmer and unlock it in your collection.

Once you have a replicable object, go to the collection tab and create as many duplicates of it as possible. Once you get enough Gunsmith Rank or run out of supplies, dismantle them again. Think twice before trying this farm;


If you’re not careful, it can soon deplete your entire supply of legendary shards. Also, Item requires 10 Legendary Shards and 1000 Glitter to recreate. Master Rahool at the Tower will sell you another Glimmer if you run out.

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