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Enterprise Write For Us

Enterprise Write For Us

What is an Enterprise?

Enterprise refers to a profitable business established and operated by an entrepreneur. And we will often say that the people running such businesses are entrepreneurial. Also, The roots of the expression lie in the French word entrepreneur (from prendre), which means “to undertake,” which in try comes from the Latin “inter pretender” (to take by the hand).

Entrepreneurs typically set up a business – with associated risks – to make a profit for one of several reasons:

  • Problem-solving. They see a specific problem they can solve.
  • Use ideas. They have a new idea or product that they believe will be successful.
  • Filling the gap. They see a gap in the market that they think they can fill.
  • Competitive prices. They think they can make something cheaper and offer a lower price.
  • Based on knowledge. Where they think they can provide the expertise that customers will pay for.

Types of Businesses

Shot of a group of business people taking a meeting in a modern office

There are different types of commercial businesses in the UK. Their main alterations lie in how they are planned and legally owned.

  1. Sole Ownership

Although they are often the smallest companies, they represent the bedrock of the UK’s market economy. They may include “trade” businesses such as painters, decorators, or single retail unit owners. And in modern times, many online productions can fall into this category, from smaller companies selling products through Etsy or similar platforms to larger firms with a website and app.

  1. Partnership

A partnership usually consists of small individuals sharing ownership and decision-making. In some cases, such as law firms, each partner may bring a speciality to the business to augment the overall facilities. In some suitcases, there may be a type of grading where there are senior and junior partners.

  1. Private Limited Liability Companies (Ltd.)

This kind of free enterprise has been legally established and will have its own legal identity. It will have several shareholders who bear limited liability for any debts incurred by the business. These shareholders appoint directors who will oversee the overall operations and decisions of the business, although respective managers will oversee day-to-day operations.

  1. Joint stock companies (PLCs)

Often confused with imperfect private companies, PLCs differ in that shares in the business can be sold to the general public. To do this, they must meet specific regulatory and legal criteria regarding the business’s financial health, their accounts’ transparency, the length of time they have been trading, and more. In addition, selling public stock can help raise reserves for expansion.

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