PayManager – overview

It is an integrated portal that offers bill payment details of employees working under the Rajasthan Government. In addition, the portal provides portal bill details and several other details like leave bills, bonuses, DA arrears, and many more. All Rajasthan Government employees remain given their usernames and password to check their information on this portal.

Now Government of Rajasthan disburses revenue and other related documents through PayManager to handle these things smoothly on a single platform.

Login to PayManager 2022

The PayManager portal offers registration and login options for users like banks, departments, HODs, employees, DDOs, and others on its home page. In addition, there are two links you can use for the login process.

The initial site,, will lead to the portal’s home page, which remains dedicated to bank login details. The main home page link also has options for various registration processes like bank registration, HOD registration, employee login password reset, and more. However, there is a secondary link which is the login page for all users, including banks.

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  • Spice Money PayManager DDO Login/Employee Login

PayManager DDO/Employee Login

Officials use DDO credentials to prepare employee data such as pay bills, leave encashment, arrears, sales slips, etc.

On the other hand, employee login is for employees working under the Rajasthan government. These employees can log into the portal with their username and password and check their pay slips, tax return, and other details.

If you have registered with PayManager, you can access the services for checking your details by simply logging into the portal. Follow the Stages below to whole the login procedure.

Stage – 1 – First, click the link and visit PayManager official portal.

Click – 2 – Right below the login option, you will find the ‘For DDO/Employee Login’ option, which you need to click on.

Stage – 3 – You must enter your user name on the next open sheet.

Stage – 4 – Now submit the Captcha, which is available below the password space.

Step – 5 – Select DDO or Employee or whatever suits you.

Stage – 6 – Finally, click on the Login option.

PayManager forgot password (for employees)

If you don’t open the portal daily, it’s normal to forget your password. In that case, don’t worry; the portal offers an easy password reset process. Follow these Stages to reset your Pay Manager password.

Stage – 1 – If you have overlooked your password, you need to click on the Forgot Password option, which you will find right below the login option.

Step – 2 – On the following page, you must enter your registered details like date of birth, bank account, staff ID, and mobile number.

Stage 3 – You must click Verify Contact Number and verify your phone number.

Stage 4 – Now click on Submit option.

Step – 5 – Next, you will remain taken to the password reset page.

Stage 6 Here, you need to set a new password.

Stage -7- Finally, click on the Update option, and your new password will remain set.

You will then remain redirected to the login page, where you must log in to the portal using your username and new password.

PayManager bank registration

The bank registration process is for individuals from banks or teller staff. These persons use this section to release digital payment files. Banks download these PDF files for further payment processing. Here are the stages you can take to sign up for PayManager Bank.

Stage – 1 – Visit PayManager official portal in your browser.

Step – 2 – You will find the Bank registration option underneath the login option, which you need to click on.

Stage – 3 – When another page opens. You have to enter your details which you have already sent to DDO.

Stage – 4 – Now, you need to select your bank.

Step 5 – Enter your bank code.

Stage 6 – Next, select the username you wish to keep. Check its availability and confirm the one available.

Stage 7- Now, enter your contact details like address, phone number, and email address.

Step 8 – Set your password.

Stage – 9 – Finally, click on Verify option.

If the facts provided by you match with the details you have provided to DDO, a confirmation message for your successful registration will appear on the screen soon.

Login to the PayManager bank

The main page of PayManager remains used to log in to the bank. Here are the Stages you can take to log in to PayManager.

Stage – 1 – The first stage is to visit the website at pay

Step – 2 – Enter your username and password.

Stage – 3 – Next, enter the captcha code just below the password space.

Stage – 4 – Now, finally. Click on the Login option.

PayManager HOD Registration

Like employee bank registration, users also need to follow the HOD registration process on the portal. Here are the Stages for HOD registration.

Stage – 1 – The primary thing you want to do is call the site.

Step – 2 – You will again find the HOD registration option right below the login option.

Stage – 3 – On the new page. Verify your IFMS credentials.

Stage – 4 – Next, fill out the form with your details.

Stage – 5 – Enter the OTP. Which you must have as usual in the registered mobile number.

Stage – 6 – Now click on the ActiveXDownload option to download the software.

Stage – 7 – Install this software and follow the instructions to generate the certificate.

Log in to PayManager HOD

After registering as a HOD, you can log in to PayManager HOD by following the Stages below.

Stage – 1 – You have to snap on the same link which you used for registration or click on

Stage – 2 – Now, under the login option at the end. You will find Alternative URL 2, which you need to click on.

Stage – 3 – When the page refreshes, a login page will appear where you must enter your username and password.

Stage – 4 – Provide the Captcha. Which will appear below the password.

Stage – 5 – Select the HOD/Sub HOD option from the various options.

Stage – 6 – Finally, click on the login option to enter the portal.

Log in to the PayManager department

Here are the Stages to follow to log in to the PayManager department.

Stage – 1 – You need to visit the official portal.

Stage – 2 – Now click on the Alternate URL 2 option, which you will get at the bottom of the page under the login option. You can also directly access this page by clicking on this site

Stage – 3 – After refreshing the page with a few changes. You will have an almost similar login page.

Stage – 4 – You must submit your username and password in the space provided.

Stage – 5 – Next, you must provide the Captcha. Which will appear just below the password space.

Stage – 6 – Next, you need to click on the Department option from the other available options.

Stage – 7 – Finally, click on the Login option.

Frequently Asked Questions – PayManager

Q1. How many login types are there on the PayManager portal?

Answer: There are four kinds of login options available on PayManager. You can log in through DDO, Bank, Employee, and Department options.

Q2. What options are available on the DDO panel?

Answer: You will come across several options on the DDO panel, and some of them are billing processing, reports, authorizations, employee corner, wise treasure report, system management, support, and others.

Q3. What details remain shown in the employee’s payroll?

Answer: You can find various details such as benefits, deductions, personal information, and payments in the employee’s salary section.

Q4. What to do in case of any query or troubleshooting?

Answer: In case of any queries or problems, you can contact the authorities at 01415111010 or 0141-5111007. You can also email them your questions at


It is to be noted that, for those who are login to the portal the first time their pay manager password is the last 4 digits of their account number. While those who have already login to the portal and change their password must enter their new password.

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