What Will The Sixth Season Of The Last Kingdom Be About?

The Saxon Stories book sequence by Bernard Cornwell helped as an motivation for The Last Kingdom. In its first five seasons, the show has already covered the first ten capacities. The film will be based on those three books since there are still three in the series that haven’t been made into films. Since the movie takes place after season 5, it follows Dreymon and many other members of the cast from that season.

Nigel Marchant declared that the fifth season would be the series’ last one at MCM London Comic-Con. He claimed, “There was always one more story we wanted to tell,” but with Netflix’s assistance and the demand from fans for additional content, they made the decision to produce.

Release Date For Season 6 Of The Last Kingdom

Release Date For Season 6 Of The Last Kingdom

It is unknown when The Last Kingdom Season 6 will premiere, but it will happen at some point in the future. The Last Kingdom Season 6 is rumoured to debut between January and June 2023, according to internal sources, however this has not yet been confirmed.

BBC Two began airing The Last Kingdom’s first period in late 2015. A duo of years later, in early 2017, the next period debute.

The third season of Netflix was free in 2018, and the fourth was free two years later, in 2020. Rumour has it that the announcement date for the fifth installment will be 2022.

Will The Last Kingdom Have A Season 6?

The Last Kingdom is grounded on the Saxon Stories novels by Bernard Cornwell. He wrote 13 in all…although some weren’t out when Netflix first started adapting the series. Back then, the plan was to adapt the first 10 of Cornwell’s novels at a rate of two books per season, and Netflix stuck to that. But by the time the TV show wrapped up, Cornwell had put out three more novels, ending Uhtred’s story once and for all with War Lord in 2020.

So what’s Netflix to do? That’s where Seven Kings Must Die comes in. The new movie will hit some of the key events from Cornwell’s final three books, although obviously it can’t go into as much detail as it could with a full season of TV (or more). Still, at the least the finale of Cornwell’s saga isn’t being ignored.

The Cast Of The Last Kingdom

The Cast Of The Last Kingdom

The role of Uhtred of Bebbanburg that Alexander Dreymon is best known for portraying is in the The Last Kingdom television series and follow-up film. The main character is a renowned brave warrior who, although being nurtured among the Danes, emerges as a loyal Saxon friend in battle. Despite the fact that Dreymon has been Uhtred since 2015, he has nevertheless given his time and attention to other projects.

Emily Cox plays Brida, a character who was previously in love with Uhtred and who was also born a Saxon but reared as a Dane. In contrast to the protagonist, the character is not torn between wanting to follow the Viking way of life and wanting to protect their lands from the Saxons. Cox has consistently been a cast member of The Last Kingdom since Season 1, and this is her most illustrious role to date.

Eliza Butterworth plays King Alfred’s annoying wife Aelswith in the Netflix series. Uhtred’s paganism offends Aelswith, a religious woman who cherishes her family much. Butterworth’s portrayal of a character that people liked to hate earned her a significant cast member of the show.

Mark Rowley, who plays Finan in the television series and movie adaptation of The Last Kingdom, undoubtedly brings a lot of comic relief to the commotion. The persona is willing to fight beside Uhtred in any future battles. Rowley has additionally made appearances in many historical dramas. In addition to these, there are many additional cast members.


For some reason, historical fiction seems to appeal to readers. The first was Game of Thrones, and the most recent is The Last Kingdom. The Last Kingdom’s last season debuted on Netflix in March 2022. It is sense that fans want more details about The Last Kingdom Season 6.